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Please comment below with as many details as possible, don’t forget to include anything you think would make this a great review! 

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    1. Aaron gould

      Hey Joe so I recently checked out a pizza place in st Catharines called rollin pizza found it very good. Nice little local spot. Would love to hear what your review on them is

      1. Timothy Tucker

        Got that right Aaron! Rollin now top’s my pizza list! Beats out The Barrel AND Bella’s!!! but mostly because of the stuffed crust option. But I’d suggest a lightweight like Joe should start out with just the “big slice” 😉

  1. Jennifer Jordan

    In my personal opinion, I think Grand Central NF has the tastiest homemade burgers in town 🤤
    Also… Sahara in NF, has THE best chicken shawarma wrap I’ve ever had. They’re huge, homemade garlic and Tahini sauces, also very clean environment with friendly staff 😉

    1. Suzanne Wass

      RICKIJO’S has the best wings I have ever come across. Jumbo breaded wings!!!!!

      Pie Guys Tap and Grill on Mac Turnball Dr St.Cath is tied for best pizza with Pete’s Pizza on Pleasant ave St. Catharines. Pepperoni bacon mushroom green pepper with extra sauce. Also their buffalo wings are really really good too
      Seriously Joe…. try it

  2. Timothy Tucker

    Hey Joe! I have another burger for ya to try bro. Puddy’s in St.Catharines. I belive it’s on wright street. My wife’s not such a burger fan, but she loved it! Give it a try, I’d say it’s somewhere in the high 8’s for sure.

  3. Brandon Hammond

    LJs Roti Shop in Welland is family owned and operated, serving amazing authentic west Indian food, curries and rotis, jerk chicken, lots of great stuff. They are super nice and friendly

  4. I recommend Chz Plz Niagara
    Chacuterie and Catering
    Right now with Covid, she is doing Cheese boxes, door step style.
    I recommend checking out her instagram ChzPlzniagara

  5. Bonnie Carey

    Joe Gonzalez – Right Choice you have to try it next time you are there, I guarantee you you will be blown away! not a fan of left over fish, but theirs is even more delicious the next day! nit greasy at all, still crispy, so good!

  6. Hey Joe! We think we have the best burgers in Niagara! Come check us out at Chip n Charlies. We’ve sent you a video on your Facebook page 🙂 Hope to see you soon.

    Chip ‘n Charlies Bar & Eatery
    8189 Lundys Lane
    Niagara Falls

  7. Timothy Tucker

    Brand new!!! Bigfoot Bistro! All poutines have the option of tots instead of fries! YESSSS!!!! Good burger, in the 8’s for sure I’d say. Keto folks take note: they are currently working on keto breads, my wife was happy with her experimental bun fresh out the oven today! Only take out and patio dining right now. but definitely worth a try!

  8. Brian

    I’ve been sick since March with cancer doing chemo and radiation . Treatments all over getting better. Being stuck at home for months I looked forward to joes pizza and burger reviews. Made a dark day bright. He makes me laugh with alllllllllll riiiiiiiiight ROBIN. 😀. He’s awesome. . My daughter owns a restaurant in Perth Ontario trying to get him to come do a review. Be an honour. She’s 25 with a one year old. Just bought it a month before Covid. Bad timing. His review be amazing

  9. Timothy Tucker

    Bro,, BRO!!! I gotta tell ya, the kid I work with just scored Bigfoot’s Yowie Burger above Oddbird! I know it;s not GMB but maybe give it a try? I think even GMB will be good. You can order ahead of time, since the guys getting busy these days 905 354-6885 he’s also got that tot thing like at SilverSmith, but it’s pretty big, so bring Robyn and a friend maybe 😉

  10. L. K.

    I happened to catch your review of pizza in Port Colborne. I live there. Thank you for reviewing our small town. That led me to your review of Zappies. My son happens to work there. They make their dough on site. Everything is made fresh. You did not just hit on a good day, they are always friendly. The owner is a great guy. Hope you get to go back.

  11. Albert Coccagna

    I’d really like you to review La Hacienda’s pizza in Niagara Falls NY. I’ve had pizza all over the world and this tops my list. Thin, cup and char, buttery cheese.

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