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Health Happenings Week 20

Joe has now been on his Health Happenings Journey for 5 months✅ After last week staying the exact same weight Joe went HARD to ensure he was dropping the pounds this week!
As soon as he wrapped up last weeks video he went out for a run. This week he did a lot of running, Joe was joined by @alright_robyn for a jog as well! The two also went for a nice walk and later took @gmbpatsy for a nice long walk as well.

It has been a few weeks since Joe got out and did some high intensity sprints, these are perfect for getting the heart rate up nice and high in quick intervals!

Tennis was a huge part of the week, Joe went down to the Wainfleet Township mega-plex sports park and hit some balls with Alright Robyn and later went down with Mattchew. Joe rather liked hitting with Mattchew as he has better rackets and tennis balls!

Food is never an easy part of the week for Joe however it was his Birthday and Fathers day two holidays he could not avoid eating like a beast! He enjoyed much many Taco night for his birthday and a nice family BBQ for Fathers Day!

How will the scale react to the extra foods? Watch to find out!

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